A rather pensive (and sleepy) day for me today. So here’s thought numero uno.

If someone asks you for a favor, and you don’t do it the way “they” would have done it (not necessarily wrong, just different) do they have a right to get angry?

For example.

-“Hey Joe, can you get me a cup of coffee?”
-Joe hands over coffee
-“NO. Damnit, I wanted SUMATRA, not the house BLEND you MORON!”

Numero dos isn’t really a thought. I’ve run into the same guy 3 times this week on the way to the bathroom. The guy sits in another area of our floor, so we have no way of knowing when the other person is going to the bathroom. But 3 times this week, we both arrive at the bathroom at the same time. Each time he goes number 2, I go number 1. This last one was kinda awkward since we both approach the bathroom from opposite directions and there’s a solid 5-6 seconds of avoiding eye contact while we both approach the bathroom.

– UPDATE 1:30pm –

Arstechnica has a report that says workers spend 25% of their time online. Really? that low? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal really if you consider that more and more workers spend more and more time either in the office or connected to the office. People have their Blackberry’s lit and running when they leave the house, and check email and voicemail while driving to or from work, or even on the weekends. Considering that work now encroaches on personal time it’s no surprise that personal stuff encroaches on work time. And no longer do we sit around the water cooler, now we sit at our desk and IM.

– UPDATE 2:00PM –

Serious Fricken Bureaucracy. Read it. It’s not long, not techie, and if you have *ever* worked with or for the governement you will find it HYSTERICAL.

You’ve probably already heard about McCain standing up Letterman. [Sidenote: McCain… come on now… really? You wouldn’t think that somebody working on the SAME NETWORK wouldn’t find out? Jeebus, get some techniques on how to lie from ‘ol Bushy]. Here’s some video of it, and frankly, even though he’s joking Letterman looks pretty pissed.

One response to “Friday thoughts (updated)

  1. It sounds like your co-worker has a gay crush on you. He’s probably implanted a tracking device in either your glasses or your asshole while you weren’t looking. This probably sets off an alarm in his cube every time you’re headed to the bathroom. Which gives him a perfect opportunity to get a “money shot” view of you. If I were you – I would just quit my job and go work at Home Depot. No secret gay crushes at Home Depot.

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