Here’s a (somewhat) new trailer. It showed with the live-action Speed Racer film. This is how Lucas should make movies from here on out. I recall many years ago he said he had considered making another 3 films in the timeframe *after* Return of the Jedi. If he does, or if he lets someone else do it, it should be all CG. Most of the movie is in front of green screen anyway. Just cut out that bit and make all the characters CG. It lets you be wilder and more creative with your special effects if you can let go of that tie with reality. Look at the Clone Wars cartoons as an example. Yoda brought down a whole ship! and in the new The Force Unleashed video game, the demo trailer shows you (Vader’s apprentice) bringing down a Star Destroyer.

EDIT: The youtube link has embedding disabled, but you can view it here.

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