I hope this is a CGI Spider. Cuz I would dash out of that stall pants down around the ankles, screaming for momma if I ever came across this.

In the category of “It’s about damn time” here is an article about the FBI cracking down on mortgage fraud. According to the article, over 400 people have been indicted since March. Everybody knew they were handing out mortgages to anybody and everybody, you’re only criteria was if you had a pulse. Without going into specifics, back when I was house hunting about a year and a half ago (right at the end of the peak prices) I was pre-approved for a mortgage that, quite frankly I couldn’t afford. Let me re-phrase that… I could afford it, if I didn’t eat. Or use electricity. I asked my realtor at the time how am I supposed to pay this amount when I make that amount. The response? “Just get a roommate”. Ahhhh, I see. How silly of me. And I actually make a decent wage. How were all those people with little or no income, little or no saved money going to pay the mortgages? They knew they could afford the low ARM mortgage, but not the higher rate when the loan matured in a few years. “Just make sure you sell before the rate goes up in 3 (or 5) years”. Well, now everybody is trying to sell before the rates go up, and thats why you see all the shortsales (thanks to fed help) and houses are dropping in price like a tranny’s drawers. If they can’t sell, well then you just foreclose on it, walk away, and wait a few years to buy again while hoping the prices will be lower then.

From reddit, here is an article with a GREAT title. Even better though is where this guy tried to hide FIFTEEN bags of CRACK.

From deviantart… Just wow. Take a ship apart with your bare hands.

Did you see my previous article about Sweden losing some of its privacy? Well, prepare to lose some of yours if this bill by Senator Christpher Dodd goes through. I LOVE it when congress tries to sneak in laws in the middle of an unrelated law just so people “won’t notice”. Like “Let’s invade Cuba” is hidden in the middle of a bill that will give free healthcare. Vote against it, and you’re an evil person “What you dont want free healthcare?”

The provision, which was added by the bill’s managers without debate this week, would require the nation’s payment systems to track, aggregate, and report information on nearly every electronic transaction to the federal government.

Yeah. Creepy.

Not your average superhero. Funny.

And so sad it’s funny. This ranks right up there with the old lady who sued McDonalds for having coffee that was “hot”. A muslim lady who has to wear a headscarf all the time (nothing wrong with that) felt discriminated against because a hair salon wouldn’t hire her. So she sued.

Don’t mess with Italians… tourists anyway… They will grab a knife with their bare hands!

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