Dollhouse, while it has an interesting premise, will be FOX’s answer to NBC’s Knight Rider. Josh Whedon looks like he’s going to have another sci-fi show air on FOX and then get promptly cancelled because it’s in the hideous Friday night slot. I know the stereotype that, yeah, geeks are probably at home playing WoW anyway, but really nothing ever lasts in this timeslot.

Of course if this clip is anything to go by, Dollhouse has much more serious problems than just a bad timeslot. The acting is bad. Real bad. Like bad high school play bad.

Guy:  “Hello Echo. How are you feeling?”

Chick: “Did I fall asleep?”

Guy: “For a little while.”

Chick: “Shall I go now?”

Guy: “If you like.”

The first few lines read pretty well… if they were written down. If you squint your ears a little, it reminds me of a Frank Herbert conversation from his “Dune” series. Each phrase is filled with subtleties, hidden innuendo, and double meanings. The shorter the sentence, the more significance it carries. I think that’s what they were going for.

They failed horribly.

To see the clip in all of it’s glory, go to Entertainment Weekly (

On the other hand… Lost has some actual production values, and some pretty good acting. Their only real gripe, in my opinion, is the fact that the story tends to wander. But it’s OK since I keep coming back week after week. Oh, and by the way, they aren’t on Friday nights.

Here’s another youtube teaser for Season 5 …


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