Yes Ladies & Gentlemen (and loyal reader…), Today is just like a Friday for me. Our company is closed Thursday AND Friday in honor of the celebration of our Day of Independence. There are, however, two potential downfalls in the glory of a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Numero Uno is that I may actually have to work tomorrow because some ‘tards in the office can’t meet a deadline to save their lives. Numero Two is I have a family gathering for the 4th. The gathering isn’t too bad, there will be food, beer, food, fireworks, food, music, food, and probably, some food. The problem is that I have to drive to Middle Earth (Stafford) to get there and of course it interupts my vacationing/sleeping/doing nothing for four straight days. Oh well.

So to keep you entertained, here are a few links for your perusal…

How to Confuse an Idiot – Note, I *wish* he would put a click counter on that thing.

Is that a machine gun in your pocket? (thats my title) – The FMG-9 folding machine gun that fits in your pocket. I like how the demonstrator says casually “If you’re out walking the dog, getting the mail, taking out the trash and if any problems occur, you need immediate action with…” Um, like what? Zombie hordes attack? The commies invade? You’re surrounded by ‘tards? Actually the last one happens to me a lot… where can I get one?

2 responses to “It’s Friday for me

  1. STAFFORD???? What, did you get a raise? How are you going to afford the GAS to drive allllll the way to Stafford? Oh, I get it… took out a home equity loan. GOOD THINKING!

  2. Home equity? Are you INSANE?!?!?!

    Let’s just say, if you need kidney transplant, I don’t have an extra to help you out…

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