Thanks to Geoff for the link… Top 10 Best and Worst Superhero Movies

Check the link for the full listing, but here’s my $0.02…

Ten Best

They’ve got X-Men at #6 and X-Men United at #4. Um, no. The movies got worse throughout the series, so if anything I’d reverse the two, but really I think only the first one is worthy of the top ten. Who would I put in to replace it? Not sure about that…

They’ve got Spiderman2 at number one in front of Iron Man and Batman Begins. Not sure about that one either. I think Batman Begins is a superb movie even if you take the superhero aspect out of it. And Iron Man is pretty much what you would want any superhero movie to be. So I’d put Batman Begins at #1, Iron Man #2. And the original Batman with the Tim Burton look, Michael Keaton (crazy eyes) and Jack Nicholson’s Joker I think should be a few notches higher.

Ten Worst

Now the really fun stuff. I thought the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Daredevil weren’t *that* bad. They weren’t good, but they were watchable. Superman IV should be waaaaaay nearer the top of that list. And both Electra and Catwoman are really just unwatchable, which is saying something considering they both featured hotties in tight skimpy outfits. An both of tha Fantastic Four movies should be battling it out for the #1 spot.