OK, now obviously the cop was waaaaay in the wrong for beating this woman to a pulp. I think at a certain point, there were several fists of fury to the face for her to wind up like she did. Which really, at that point, call in some other officers, pepper-spray her, or taze her.


How many times have we seen the “I know the law better than you do, you dumb cop” attitude? And how many times does it end up like this? Show me ONE TIME where the cop says… “Yeah you’re right. My bad. You can go now”. You can’t can you?

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mioNTjdj0c[/youtube]

I mean seriously. It looks like he wanted her to do something (walk that line as a drunk test?) and she insisted on making her phone call. Right then. And then she thinks she can just walk right out? Really? What planet is she from? And as a result, she got slammed into a wall as a warning. She still didn’t get it. Soooo, she got pummeled. Cop got fired. All of it could have been avoided had she just followed instructions.

I know. Cops are pigs. Not all of them… but enough of them where you cast the same “look” at all of them when they walk by, or pull up behind you on the freeway. Or when you see 4 cops with 2 cars parked on the side of the road hoping for speeding tickets while just 2 blocks away some loco is zooming through traffic and running red lights at an *alarming* pace.