Inventor Troy Hurtubise has recently completed a new body suit that he hopes he can sell to US and Canadian military. He has decided to call this suit the “Trojan” and calls it the “first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour”.

From the article From bears to bullets at The Hamilton Spectator:

Using the hard-learned lessons of his Project Grizzly experience — a 20-year odyssey that included a National Film Board documentary, an appearance on CNN and personal bankruptcy — he’s ready to start selling his newest idea.

Already, he says, the suit has stood up to bullets from high-powered weapons, including an elephant gun. The suit was empty during the ballistics tests, but he’s more than ready to put it on and face live fire.

“I would do it in an instant,” he said. “Bring it on.”

Ya know, if this thing actually works (which I’m fairly skeptical of), it could be a real breakthru. Soldiers now are running around with heavy Kevlar body plates that only cover chest and back. This suit is “made from high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam” so is it as effective? I dunno. But I doubt this guy with a $15,000 budget beat out the whole rest of the world in coming up with it.

But I hope he is on to something, not just for our troops, but its always nice to see a guy perservere (his original project bankrupted him).



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