OK, its really not a question for me. Since I’m not on Cingular, and I have no intention of switching. But *everybody* keeps asking me about it. And most of you for some reason think I’m an Apple-hater. I’m not. What I do hate, however, is the fact that a lot of people look at an Apple product and simply because it says “Apple” assume it is the best. In some cases… it is. In others… it isn’t. Simple. Just be aware of the pros and cons of each different manufacturer and don’t come to me all surprised when you send your song you just bought to your cousin and s/he can’t play the file (that goes for iTunes and Windows DRM’d stuff).

Anyway, I digress. The iPhone to me looks pretty hot. As it is, I got a Treo about a year ago combining my PDA and cellphone into one unit. I still carry around my mp3 player (two of them in fact). So the idea of having an all in one unit is very appealing to me. And it seems like they got most (if not all) of it in one package. The clincher for me would be the ability for other people (or companies) to develop alternative software for it, but I don’t know if thats on the table or not.

Well, Mr. Kevin Pereira wrote about his concerns a few days ago in “iPhone? i’DWait.

Over the past few months, people have asked me time and time again, “should I pickup an iPhone?” Initially, my answer was a resounding “oh hell yes!” And how could it not be, really? I mean, the thing is shiny, has an apple logo on it and it TURNS THE INTERNET SIDEWAYS! But as the release date draws nearer and new information becomes available, or remains unavailable in some peculiarly damaging cases, I feel compelled to recommend a strong wait and see approach to the much hyped, incredibly sexy, yet ultimately unproven device, that is the Apple iPhone.

Some of his concerns include no 3G support (fast internet speeds), crappy camera, lack of support for some features (like Multimedia Messaging, Instant Messaging and Flash), non-replaceable battery, no expansion slot (killer for me), and whether or not the multi-touch actually works.

As always, Kevin (a Cable Television Darling)  is a good entertaining read, and ultimately very informative.