Fresh (kinda) from Ain’t It Cool News via SyFy Portal.

A couple of cool insights

  • The made-for-TV movie will be out in November and will be released on DVD about the same time
  • The show will focus on the Battlestar Pegasus (not Galactica), and the events leading up to its meeting Galactica
  • “Cain is fighting some demons of her own, one of the biggest ones stretching back to the original Cylon War 40 years before where she watched her parents executed by the 1970s versions of the living machines, and being forced to make the impossible decision of leaving her little sister behind in an effort to save herself”
  • The original Cylons make an appearance, not just in flashbacks, either… “rumors were out that the original Cylon models from the 1970s ABC series would make a cameo appearance in the telemovie”

A SHOCKING development

  • Wait, WHAT!?!?! “Cain and Gina were quite close,” a source tells SyFy Portal. “In fact, they were lovers. We don’t exactly come out and say it, but you’d have to be sleeping through the middle of all this to not pick up on their relationship.”