The VW Golf has moved on.

Monday afternoon, a nice guy by the name of Miguel came by to pick up the VW that I sold him on Saturday. I sold it to him for a paltry sum of $200. He’s a nice guy, having some personal difficulties with a separation and a pending divorce and custody battle. He was without a car, and had been renting one. So I hope that he gets as much usage and joy as I did while I had the car.

I was going to donate it after buying my new Honda Civic, but one thing and then another happened and it ended up sitting in my parents driveway (much to their chagrin) for several months. I finally got the title last week and was about to call a charity to come and get it when I found out Miguel (my friend’s wife’s brother) was in need of cheap transportation.

I had the car for 10 years and 11 months, and traveled over 165,000 miles with it. I consistently got between 27-29mpg in regular driving even though it was listed at 24city/30hwy by the EPA. I actually got it as high as 36mpg during a few extended mostly highway roadtrips. We were in only one accident, hit from behind at a stoplight by a girl driving her boyfriend’s Dodge Ram pickup because her car was in the shop after another accident. She said “out of all the people I’ve hit, you’ve been the nicest”. :D

The beginning of the end was when the engine started trying to stall (still does it), the radio died (Pioneer head unit, Pioneer 6-disc CD changer, 2 amps, 4 component speakers and a subwoofer), the alarm could no longer be set from the driver side, and I was sitting on the framework of the seat since the cushion had been worn down over the years.

So in loving memory, I post a few links to previous blog posts about my car. I’ve been told they are very amusing. And later on, I’ll post some photos. Maybe I’ll even pour a 40oz on the ground :D

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  1. yeah i sold my car to move to kuwait…and we were only the for a month =) so now i’m w.out a car… the car that was the last gift from my parents… *sniffs* i had a honda civic… 2001 ex with about 88k miles on it when i sold it… i hope you <3 your civic… i had a vw jetta prior to the civic. i had so many problems on that (like the handles snapping off and having to get in the car through the window)… that was a 99 i think…

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