The state of society today is such that even when you f**k up, you STILL expect to come out on top???

I’m sure you all remember the Runaway Bride (actually I didn’t but thats neither here nor there). She ran off the day before her lavish wedding in Atlanta without a word, which of course whenever a rich white lady disappears the whole country goes to Red Alert, Def-Con One, and Code Blue while Captain Piccard raises shields and yells “Make it so!” So the cops started a nationwide manhunt and she finally called her fiance a few days later saying she had been kidnapped and sexually abused. She was lying. She actually just didnt want to marry him but couldnt tell him, so instead came up with this wonderful plan.

After a whole nation of cops spent countless man-hours searching for her and her abductors the police filed charges for faking a kidnapping and sued for the cost (can you imagine the bill) of the search by the cops that she caused. She got off really really light by only having to mow a few lawns as punishment.

Well, now she is suing her ex-fiance.

Can you believe this? She not only screwed over her fiance (hey if you didn’t want to marry him there are a million ways to cancel), she screwed over her family and friends by disappearing and making them believe she had gone through the worst. She screwed over the Police Department (not bad in and of itself, but who else might they have saved or done instead of chasing after someone who wasn’t really kidnapped?). Somebody got stuck with (i think) an $80,000 wedding tab that was never used.

And after all that, she thinks she deserves $500,000? Get outta here. This sense of entitlement is what kills me about people today. Why is it that people seem to forget, when you do stupid things, you tend to get punished for it. You are not the victim if you caused it.