There is a perfectly plausible reason why I’m looking at Cosmo’s Man-hunt 2006. Really.

See I was doing the normal rounds across the internet and I came across this thread on the BigSoccer Forums “Bobby Boswell in Cosmo – Potential Catfight with Nickell Implications“. So I went to go have a look. Turns out that DC United Defender Bobby Boswell is in the running for the Hottest Bachelors according to Cosmo. Matt Nickell was in the running last year but I think he got voted out.

On Cosmo’s site they have a photo, short bio, and a video.

Watch the video. Its funny. (Herman, the guy that sits on the whoopee cushion is Jeff Carroll – notice the haircut).

Then go vote for Bobby!

The link to Cosmo’s website

UPDATE: Now check out videos on DC United’s website at this link here. See the Bloopers!!!