Mmmmm. This should be a good one.

Giants are 1-2, the ‘Skins are 2-2. Whoever loses this one will have three losses and officially cement themselves in the NFC East basement.

If this were some reputable journaling organisation you might read some info like:

  • Will Sean Taylor match up against Shockey like last year? or will that fall to Archuleta? Because Archuleta vs Shockey is a huge mismatch, but do you want Taylor roaming free in the secondary causing butterfingers amid the Giants receivers?
  • How will we get pressure on Eli? Can we duplicate the pressure we got against Jacksonville? I dunno. Count me as skeptical until I see a consistent pass rush game in and game out. If Eli has time, he will find open receivers against our secondary. And don’t forget about Tiki out of the backfield.

But the real entertaining story is about Levar Arrington. You know he will be looking to make a statement. The question is CAN he make a statement. The bum knee that plagued him last year is still acting up as he only has 12 tackles in 3 games. Not even close to his almost 10 per game average while healthy with the ‘Skins. But still you have barbs being traded back and forth with comments from Springs and one of the coaches (Blache?) about Levar not knowing the playbook while he was here, so why should they worry about him giving away secrets now? Levar replied his only regret was not leaving there sooner AND he gave the playbook already to his new coaches anyway!

I was listening to one of many sports talk shows on Friday and somebody (don’t remember who) said it was like a bitterly divorced couple. How true. How true.

Obviously there used to be some love in the house. He was a high 1st rounder (2nd overall?) taken right next to Chris Samuels. Levar was Mr. Redskin for quite a few years. He will always be remembered as the guy who knocked Troy Aikman out of football. He was a pro-bowler and always (for better or worse) around the play. Big plays and hard hits followed wherever he went.

But somewhere along the line… they fell out of love. As usual, money troubles put a strain on the relationship. Then Levar’s “inability to perform” (due to injury) led to some resentment on both sides. And then came the other woman, er, i mean, coach. No longer was Levar the center of attention and to get attention he had to constrain himself and be someone who he wasn’t. So. He left.

And NOW, he gets to show off his new woman, er, I mean, team to his old woman, er, team. He wants to make sure that he looks good. As if to say “Hey, I’m better off without you than I ever was with you. And by the way… my new girlfriend is waaaaay hotter than you.” So lets see who comes out ahead…