Stupid people. You can’t avoid ’em. They’re everywhere.

Some of these crappy photos I took with my camera phone. Just another case where I wish they would actually make them not crappy or just leave them out of phones altogether. I hate stuff that “kinda” works. Click the “read more” link below to see the photos

Car in a ditchThis dummy tried to make a right hand turn and didn’t pay attention to how close he was to the edge of the road… and the ditch. I drove past this for a few days and got a nice chuckle each time
Dummy in a Drive-thruOK, even though this is in the suburbs, but how redneck can you be? You got a helmet on, but how about the rest of your body i case of an accident? And what about all those bugs slapping onto your chest as you drive down the road… gross.
Spinners on a ghetto mini-vanWhats the point? This crotchety old minivan, presumably used to haul a bunch of toddlers around to soccer practice, has plastc spinners on it. Yep… Shiny plastic spinners on steel wheels meant to look like real chrome rims… on a minivan!
My Brother and his 1993 VWMy brother and his still kickin’ 1993 VW Golf GL. Why is he in this list you ask?Engine with no oilThis is the engine that he forgot to put oil into. When I checked the oil while I was there visiting, the dipstick was BONE DRY. Oh, by the way, the coolant was empty too… in florida!