The cold

Ah, winter. How I loathe thee, let me count the ways. The temperatures have been in the 20’s and 30’s all week. I have had frost on the windshield which has made me late twice this week. The poor cat has had to huddle by the heating vent for warmth. The cold makes me dislike … Continued

xkcd, true yet again

First the comic from xkcd… This is EXACTLY true. I was working on this project over the summer and into the fall. Basically, this client had previously used another vendor to create a website for them with a TREMENDOUS amount of dev work involved. A fairly complex (in my book, anyway) site with a lot … Continued

Office Weirdness

So I’m walking into the office this morning. As I approach the door, I see in the reflection of the glass door there is someone behind me. So I walk through the door and hold it open. You know, you just prop the door until the person is close enough to grab the door on … Continued

Next to last

This is the next to last hardware upgrade for this system. This past week I installed a new CPU cooler, and a new power supply. [In case you’re curious, the next upgrade for this machine will be to pickup another pair of WD 640GB drives and combine with the existing two WD 640GB drives in … Continued