Here’s my list of movies so far for 2013 that I intend on watching. Star Trek & Iron Man are definitely “movie theater” worthy. Meaning, they are worth the cost of tickets & food afterwards and will likely be a date-night event. The others I’ll wait for until they arrive on Amazon Instant Video or Netflix and will be movie-night events.

Benedict Cumberbatch guarded by *not enough* red shirts.
Benedict Cumberbatch guarded by *not enough* red shirts.

Star Trek Into Darkness

If I only see one movie in theaters this year…. THIS will be it. JJ Abrams has so far done great with the reboot, and I like the look & feel of this movie. Judging from the trailers there seem to be several “oh sh!t!!!” moments. (link for mobile)

Iron Man 3

Marvel has done a good job with this series. I really enjoyed 1 & 2 and more importantly, so did the missus. There is a good mix of explosions and laughs. (link for mobile)


Let’s be real… the first one was HORRIBLE. This seems much improved judging by the trailers, but I’m still a bit wary. This seems similar to the anime series from kinda recent memory with Wolverine in Japan. (link for mobile)


This movie has a really interesting premise. From what I can gather via the trailers it looks like Aliens routed mankind and have somehow convinced/conned a few humans to do the cleanup work of eradicating the last few humans on Earth. Presumably so the aliens can move in. Well, Mr Cruise figures it out, with the help of Morgan Freeman, and proceeds to rebel. I like it for the scfi aspect and the (hopefully) good storyline. The second video is a featurette. (link for mobile)

Man of Steel

I have my fingers crossed on this one. If nothing else, it should be beautiful to watch as Snyder knows his way with a camera… (link for mobile)

This is the End

Definitely NOT for the theater, but I will enthusiastically watch this with a few beers from my couch on Amazon or Netflix. Looks highly entertaining. “Hermoine just stole all of our sh!t” -> can’t beat that. (link for mobile)

Kick Ass 2

I loved the first one, this one looks like more of the same. (link for mobile)

Welcome to the Punch

A very odd looking film, but lots of shooting so I approve. (link for mobile)


A slight twist on the Liam Neeson Taken premise. Mild mannered guy is actually a badass. Why is it that teenage daughters always get the dad’s in trouble? (link for mobile)