Looks like this is the final, official trailer. I’m sure there will be some TV spots before the films release this winter.

And a few more clips…

The visuals look spectacular. Every snippet of trailer and image that has been leaked looks great. There are some strong actors involved.

I’m looking forward to this film, but I have my doubts.

Ender's Game Promotional Poster
Ender’s Game Promotional Poster – UNCOVERING THE MYSTERIES OF OUR ENEMY “What do they look like?” “What do they want?” The International Fleet is uncovering these mysteries to prepare for the next invasion.

Ender’s Game is one of those stories that is great when read as a book. When it’s made as a movie, however… there is a very good chance it cannot live up to the original. The main arc of the story revolves around kids brought up in a brutal boot camp to make them into better soldiers/leaders. There is death and killing and brutality and scheming and double crossing. And it’s all done by children. Think of Lord of the Flies. The acts are adult, but made by children. And you sometimes forget that they are children because of what they’re doing, and then every so often the author backhands you into remembering these are just kids.

They’ve already made some concessions to movie-fy the story in that the kids are young teens, which takes away from some of the impact, in my opinion. It remains to be seen what, if any, other concessions had to be made. I can only hope the movie even remotely lives up to the book.