Winding up my catching up for the week….

AICN reports that there is going to be an Alien remake/reboot. Ugh. That is a VERY high standard, and unless they can somehow make it better (which I doubt) they should just leave well enough alone. It will be really hard to re-create that creepy “there’s something behind you” feeling of the original. Never has silence sounded so creepy. Did I mention it was creepy? I did? Well, did I mention I am such a chicken that it took me about a dozen attempts and ten years before I could finally watch it straight through?

Look, over there. It’s not the Transformers, it’s not the Terminator. It’s the TRANSFORMINATORS. Great mash-up by video trailers, worthy of your time.


From ScreenRant. Dennis Quaid is in a new sci-fi/horror flick called Pandorum. Watch the trailer and see a few images here at ScreenRant. Creepy. Reminds me of that video game that just came out not too long ago called Dead Space, and the accompanying anime mini-movie (I forget the name). Quaid is in some sort of cryo-sleep with another crewmember. They wake up, alone, lost and confused. The other crew member starts exploring the ship while Quaid stands by. Other guy finds some survivors and it is revealed that “something” has happened to the crew. They are now some sort of creatures that will hunt and kill you. Oh yeah, they’re really fast, really deadly. And now, you’re turning into one too! Argh!!!!!

Bruce Willis for President. I’m only half joking. Bruce has got a robotic heart in there somewhere, I’m sure of it. The 5th Element, 12 Monkeys, and here in this new movie it looks like he’s got another stellar character. Check the Surrogates trailer (from Myspace via AICN). At some point in the future, every person has a “surrogate” robotic body. Basically a throw-away body, that you can control remotely. You experience everything the surrogate does like touch, sight, smell, etc and you get to stay at home while the surrogate (who looks just like you, btw) leads your life in the “real” world. The trailer shows people jumping off of buildings, so presumably you experience the rush of the fall and the crash, but you don’t die… you just get another surrogate. So there is no more fear of death (especially if you never leave home). Only, now, people are dying while connected to a surrogate. Bruce is called in to investigate. And pretty soon it’s apparent that you can’t be connected to a surrogate (you know because you’ll die) so for the first time in years Bruce has to actually put his own body in danger. Looks like a really good flick.

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And, last but not least… Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes (wait a second, weren’t they in Ghost Rider?), Xzibit, and Val Kilmer. I know thats a pretty strange combination, but check out the trailer it looks pretty interesting, if a bit odd…

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  1. dont forget the fact that momma-dearest has the biggest crush on bruce willis EVER

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