AT&T back in 1993 had a series of ads about what we would be doing in the future. The series was title “You will” as in “You will… send a fax from the beach. With AT&T technology”. No, seriously. Check the youtubery below, the commericals are actually really cool. It sounds like Tom Selleck doing the voiceover, but you can see early GPS nav systems with a TRON-like interfaces. The fax on the beach didn’t really happen, but you sure can email from the beach. Video-cam phones never took off, but webcams and Skype are here. Video conferencing, online universities/e-learning are all here.


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  1. that turned ot quite correct. i mean car gps, ebooks. we have all of them. but atnt…no. and i’ve been using my phone for video calls for about a year.

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