All those stories about the Chinese gymnasts who may be underage just might be true after all. I really haven’t paid much attention to it, because frankly, people are ALWAYS looking for a conspiracy. They’re always looking to say “S/he can’t be that good, s/he must on on steroids/younger/older/shorter/taller/fatter/thinner than they say they are!” I call those people “haters”.

Remember all the brujaja with Freddy Adu’s age? That he was really a 37 yeard old former construction worker “pretending” to be a 14 year old. Yeah. Um, OK. I never understood that one. Pretending to be “younger” than he is meant he had to wait on a huge payday with a european team until he turned 18 years old. Not very advantageous if you ask me.

Anyway, a blogger by the name of Stryde Hax writes about his efforts to find info through Google of all places. Every time he found a lead, it would disappear. His greater point isn’t so much about whether or not a gymnast is or isn’t of age. His point is governements purposely hiding information from the general population. And if you think about it, it’s kinda creepy to think someone could just “erase” you…

Here’s the link to Olympic Hacking Part II – Let’s go for the Gold