I stumbled upon the next “What White People Like” blog. OK, well, it wasn’t really me, it was Reddit. And really it doesn’t have anything to do with white people (necessarily).

It is, however, quite amusing.

Where Is Bob, Tales of an Absentee Manager deals with a manager… who is absent. A lot.

We’ve all come across a boss (or co-worker) like this at least ONCE in our professional lifetimes. That guy who tells you all week about his upcoming plans for the long 3 day weekend, even though there is no 3 day weekend. Then, of course, calls in sick on Friday. Usually, this coincides with some big project that happens to be due that day. This is the same guy who calls you a slacker, makes whining noises, rocks his arms back and forth as if he were cradling a baby while asking if you want your mommy when you call in sick.