I woke up just a little early this morning so I could watch some of the USA vs Nigeria match today. What a disapointment. In hindsight, I probably should have slept in the extra 3 minutes…

Who am I kidding. I am a gluton for punishment. I am, after all, a Redskins and DC United fan, so angst is a part of my daily diet. The USA had a player ejected FOUR MINUTES into the match, so they played almost the entire match a man down. On top of that, they were already missing Freddy Adu and Michael Bradley due to yellow card accumulation. I won’t go into too much review since its late, and past my bedtime, but the bit that I saw (I’ll watch the whole thing tomorrow) was entertaining and the good ‘ol USA had a chance to tie very late but the shot rang off the crossbar. Oh well.

As part of my “Olympic Coverage”, check this article from The Guardian. The highlight of the article is this statement by head of the Australian Olympic Committee John Coates

After Rebecca Adlington’s 400m freestyle gold set the tone for Britain in the pool here, John Coates, the head of the Australian Olympic Committee and an International Olympic Committee member since 2001, was asked for his thoughts. “It’s not bad for a country that has no swimming pools and very little soap,” he said.

Hmmm. Bitter much?

And finally, top notch writing by Dave Barry (as usual).

If there were an Olympic event for best names, Thailand would dominate the world. They have a men’s badminton player named Poompat Sapkulchananart and a women’s player named Porntip Buranapraseatsuk. I don’t know if Poompat and Porntip are romantically involved, but they should be, and I for one intend to make every effort, as a journalist, to start that rumor.

You might not want to read in the office as you’ll probably make that laugh/snort sound and people will know your slacking since no TPS report is that funny.