I must admit, I wish I had come up with this first.

The Stuff White People Like blog is pretty darn funny. Thanks to Cliff for passing this along, I briefly thought about making “Stuff Colombian’s Like” or the even broader “Stuff Hispanics Like”, but I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t immediately get me in trouble ;)

Anyway, check out their blog, in particular hot topics White People Like such as:

  • #11 Asian Girls – “…White men love asian women so much that they will go to extremes such as stating that Sandra Oh is sexy…”
  • #7 Diversity – “…White people love ethnic diversity, but only as it relates to restaurants…”
  • #44 Public Radio – “…they don’t quite understand why people who can afford TVs and have access to Youtube, would spend hours listening to the opinions of overeducated arts majors…”
  • #40 Apple Products – “…even in a dark place, people can see how unique and creative you (and the five other people doing the exact same thing) truly are!…”

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  1. I’m currently working on the site, “NegroesHavePassionFor.com”
    I gotta represent us Negroes to the FULLEST!

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