First up today is the trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie on Yahoo! Video. For those that may not remember, Max Payne was a pretty good FPS (with an over the shoulder camera view) game from several years ago. The graphics were top notch for the time with a Frank Miller-esque feel to it, and I remember a mod that you could install that let you dress the character like Neo from the Matrix (you know that trenchcoat/cape thing he wore).

There were several new gimics at the time like wielding dual pistols and “bullet time” which was like an in-game super slo-mo. It looks like there is at least one sequence in the trailer featuring bullet time. I don’t really remember much of the plot, maybe Lil Brother can chime in on that, other than he was (is?) a cop who had his wife (& kids?) murdered so he’s in a really dark and depressed state. Mark Wahlberg plays Max Payne, which will either be great… or awful. Also starring Mila Kunis (with a machine gun no less), Ludacris and… Beau Bridges? Check the trailer, it’s in theathers October 17th.

Next up, how to paint the Mona Lisa in 80milliseconds. All you need is a lot of pipe, a lot of paint, a lot of compressed air, and probably some math skills. The guys from Mythbusters demonstrate the difference between graphics being drawn by a CPU (like intel says is the best way) vs graphics being drawn by a GPU (like Nvidia says is the best way). I think Nvidia wins…

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

If you want to see the full demo (i recommend it) see the first part here, and the second part here.

David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction. I don’t really care, but the photo they used in the article is FUNNY.

2 responses to “Max Payne trailer, Mythbusters tackles CPU vs GPU debate

  1. The first Max Payne video game was good and terrible at the same time. I had it for Xbox and BY GOD, it was torture to play. First the game control was HORRIBLE. The over the back view was confusing as hell and anyone who stopped by the house to play always had the same problem adjusting to the view. The cool part, as you mentioned, were the fire arms, and the slow-mo view. BUT THE STORYLINE SUCKED DONKEY DICK. I mean seriously. The game goes from believable in the first three chapters to a complete stoner video gone wild. Meaning, the programmers must have gone out for lunch/parking lot, smoked a ridiculous amount of weed, and started created the remaining chapters. WACK WACK WACK

  2. hey hey now, for some of us video game junkies the game was pretty badass. the over the shoulder view was just one of the many new things they tried with video games, and its getting more and more popular. the matrix mod was also pretty cool because not only did u get the cool jacket and dual pistols; u also got to jump kick people in order to kill them.
    on to the storyline: it was… artistic. the mention of ‘valkyrie’ in the trailer is a reference to some new hip drug being put on the streets. a narcotic of some sort. the bad guys behind its existence thought max was getting to close to them so they tried to kill him and his family. the later parts of the game were all drug induced hallucinations where max had to relive the pain of losing his family. mila kunis’ character is the hot gun wielding chick who helps max because she has the hots for him. unfortunately i remember her dying towards the end of the game before anything happens- plus max is still all whiney about losing his family. i remember there was also a max payne II. but i cant remember playing it. and if i did, i dont remember the storyline.
    oh yeah, and there was also the ‘joke’ about the name max payne and the fact that he took pain killers instead of the usual med kits to heal himself during game play.

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