Came across two articles today, that are worth their weight in gold. (How much does a web page weigh anyway?)

First up… via, Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV!!!!!!! Yes, thats right, Star Wars characters will appear in the next version of Soul Calibur. Click the photo below to see all the screen shots and a video trailer.

Next up is 9 Awesome Gadgets from Battlestar Galactica via Not anything really groundbreaking but actually just funny. They point out all the things that BSG uses that are astonishingly low-tech on the show. Take for example #3:

3. Hard Projectiles
Talk about tactical brilliance. Instead of shooting big, slow pulses of energy, or charged plasma, or whatever it is that goons on other sci-fi series use to miss their targets, the troops and fighter aircraft on the Galactica use slugs of metal propelled by chemical combustion. For every glowing tracer round you actually see, you’re probably getting hit by 10 you didn’t. We predict this will be the badass weapon of the future.

This is something I’ve always struggled with in sci fi… why does it *always* have to be some sort of laser? Didn’t anybody see the Ewoks beat up on the Stormtroppers by throwing rocks at their heads? I mean come on, how do you stop a rock?!?!?! (other than by ducking of course)

One response to “Just for Geeks

  1. lasers arent as cool to watch in sci fi things though. star trek had the phasers, but i would much rather watch a torpedo fly threw a klingon ship over that. and then there was babylon 5 which probably had the most realistic future warfare and spaceship movement.

    although if you think about it, lasers really are much better. as long as you can track your target, the hit is pretty much instantaneous. nothing like moving at the speed of light to make targeting more precise.

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