Those crazy Improv Everywhere people are at it again. This time, they recruited a bunch of identical twins and hopped on a subway train. Here was their mission:

“…get on the 6 train at the start of the line at Brooklyn Bridge and the twins would sit on either side of the car, directly across from their sibling. Once in place, their job would be to mirror each other as closely as possible. If one scratches his head, so should the other. If anyone asked them what was going on, they should claim not to notice anything unusual and not to even be able to see their sibling.”

One of the images they captured…

Here’s the link to the post, and here’s the video.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

One response to “Human Mirror?

  1. DUDE! This is AWESOME! If I had got on that train I would have thought I was having a flashback to my pot smoking days!!! AWESOME!

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