You might remember my words of caution a few months back when I first heard of the Large Hadron Collider. As usual, nobody listens to me. So they went ahead and did it.

And we’re still here.

Sci-fi’s DVice website has an awesome photo gallery of the Large Hadron Collider, and I must say it is quite spectacular. Also see their “Top 10 ways the Large Hadron Collider will blow your mind“.

I expected most of the shots to look like this, all drab and grey with metal and concrete. To me, this says “Science!”, just like in all the movies.

However, in actuallity most of the photos looked like this one instead. Lots of bright and vivid colors. I don’t know if the colors serve some sort of purpose, or if one of the engineers took a Feng Shui class.

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  1. the chick in the hard hat in the first photo got a PHAT @SS! Hhhmmmm gonna get me some of that electron particle porno!

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