Got some interesting news on the movie front. The all of a sudden popular Shia Lebouf is starring in a movie this fall (September 26 release date) called “Eagle Eye”. The concept is pretty good, from the trailer it looks like someone decided to frame Shia as a terrorist by putting all kinds of terrorist stuff (bombs, guns, some nitrate thing, fake passports, etc) and then call the FBI on him. The irony is they told him to get out right before the FBI got there. It is vaguely reminiscent of the scene in the beginning of the Matrix when Morpheus told Neo to get out of his cubicle before the Agents got to him.

Anyway, enjoy the Eagle Eye teaser trailer from Yahoo!

Now here is another in a line of recent cartoon movies that have been top notch. Batman: Gotham Knight looks *awesome*. In a really *awesome* way that only an *awesome* movie can be *awesome*. Similar to the Animatrix (is there a theme here?) in that it deals a bit with some back story for Batman and his early days as a crimefighter. There are six different clips done by different sets of directors/writers. Check the MySpace Batman: Gotham Knight trailer page, or watch below (if it works).

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And in Terminator news… You all knew that Christian Bale (Batman Begins, American Psycho) has been tapped to play John Conner in the upcoming (now in production) Terminator Salvation movie. Well, turns out he’s signed on to play the role in a trilogy… if they make it. Whether they make the other 2 movies depends really on whether or not this one is any good.

I had high hopes for it until I heard it was going to be PG-13. I understand that they want to get little kids to see it, but really… even if its rated R they’re going to watch it anyway either by sneaking into the theaters, getting Mom/Dad/big brother/big sister to escort them in, or just catching it on DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out. Making it PG-13 really takes away (in my opinion) from some of the real fear and dread that you get when watching the first two movies (I know there were 3, I intentionally blocked that one from memory). In the original movie, Kyle had that desperation in his eye when he told Sarah Conner that they would just keep coming, no matter what. The look of shock/horror on Sarah’s face when T1 took a full shotgun blast in the chest and then stands back up. You can’t get that with PG-13.