Somebody once tried to convince me that you don’t actually “lose” an hour for daylight savings time. I say bullocks.

I’m tired as sh*t today. I barely sleep enough as it is, and now I’ve gone and lost a whole hour!

Anyway, onto the mundane… The loud@$$ idiots from Texas next door got even louder over the weekend. They got a puppy. Before you ask, I don’t know if its cute and i don’t know what type of dog it is. I haven’t seen it. But I sure as hell have heard it. As soon as they left the house (9am on a Saturday morning, mind you) the dog started barking, yipping, howling, whining, and crying until they came back two hours later. Then they repeated the process later in the afternoon, and again on Sunday. Wonderful.

On a related note: The little “girls” next door like to bark. I don’t know why. But they had a grand ‘ol time barking at the new dog, who actually barked back. I think the ‘tarded kids finally had a conversation with a comparable IQ. By the way, one kid is like 3 or 4 yrs old, and the other is maybe 7 or 8. That’s too damn old to be barking. I think I vaguely recall barking once. My mother beat me with her wallet (the only thing close at hand) and told me to act like a person, not an animal. I never barked again.

Now I don’t advocate child abuse. But if you’re kid barks… Well, I’m just sayin.

On a unrelated note. Barnsley pulled off another upset to bounce Chelsea out of the FA Cup. Here is an interesting preview (yes I know its too late for that) I found via Goff’s blog.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]