If you aren’t a graphic designer, this might not seen amusing to you.

I was just shown a piece of paper with a fuzzy pixelated image on it.

I was then asked “If I put this into a Word document will it look clearer?”

What I thought was…

In what universe does this image magically gain resolution? If you take a pint of beer and put it into a different mug, is there magically MORE beer? If you take a slice of pizza and put it on a different plate, is there magically MORE pizza? Is there a DPI fairy that waves her wand over the pixelated photo you just got from Google images, which was originally an avatar on somebody’s blog, and increases the resolution so that it will look fine when printed? And why wasn’t I told about this fairy? I could have used her many times in the past when asked to take a 100×100 pixel image and told to put it on the cover of a 4″ binder and then asked “why is it fuzzy?”

What I said was…

Sorry, it won’t get any clearer than it is to begin with. Do you have access to the original file? Maybe that one is higher resolution.

Is it Friday yet?

One response to “DPI Fairy?

  1. Dude, I’ve heard this stupid question so many times I wake up screaming in my sleep. When I die – I want my tomb stone to read,

    Here Lies Cliff Harris:
    “Make everything purple including the text!”
    “Is it possible to fit 16 pages single spaced on a one page layout?”
    “Make it BIG! REAL BIG!”
    Died at his desk ____date here_____

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