OK, this is the best for a completely different reason than the Terry Tate commercials. Featuring the Brazilian national team circa 1994 (i think) for the ’94 World Cup. Might be 1998 though, I’m not sure. Anyway… featuring Ronaldo (in his prime), Denilson, Romario, Roberto Carlos, and one of the coolest brazilian tracks ever… Check it out below…

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbFmK4zZ9Ys[/youtube]

PS don’t try that in any airport nowadays.

Got the link from a BigSoccer post referring to Behind the Badge‘s post regarding the new Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial featuring DC United’s Ben Olsen, former DC United and now Colorado Rapids’ Christian Gomez, Houston Dynamo’s Brian Ching and FC Dallas’s Duilio Davino

One response to “Best Commercial Ever!

  1. absolutely classic

    i remember watching that video day in and day out for weeks trying to figure out that smooth move that ronaldo did.

    dont forget the other cool nike commercial with the ninja robots:
    “why are we going in to steal this? its just a ball.” “NO! its rounder!”

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