That stands for Attack Of The Show’s Break Moments in De-Evolution. You’ve probably heard me refer to this series of videos before. It dovetails quite nicely with my Idiocracy theory. Basically, AOTS goes through’s archive of videos and finds proof that YES, humanity is getting dumber.

Anyway, this week’s version includes Dude Fails Bottle, Flaming Shot, & Keg Goes Bad.

Not much to say on the dude trying to smash a bottle with his head. Clearly, he has watched too many movies and seen those *stunt* bottles break open pretty easily. I blame society on that one. The third guy was just your garden variety idiot, doing a handstand on a keg… There’s no way that could go wrong, right?

The second guy, though, deserves a little more criticism. He tried to “Man Up” and drink something on FIRE, like a manly-man full of rampaging testosterone. But then he wussed out and drank it like a pansy. So of course, Burned… So now, every time he gets together with his friends, every conversation will start out with “Hey, remember that time you wussed out drinking that flaming shot and you LIT YOURSELF ON FIRE! Remember? And you were all like ‘Aaaargggh, I’m on Fire! Stop laughing and put me out you Bastards!’ Remember that? Boy those were the days.”

Next up, from two weeks ago. Proof that women can be plenty stupid too.

The funniest isn’t actually the girls doing stupid stunts and failing miserably. The funniest is Kevin’s definition of a “SlumpBuster”