Have you seen the movie Idiocracy yet? (link to Wiki, and youtubery)

The premise of the movie is that stupid people are breeding more than smart people, and the average intelligence across the whole globe is dropping, eventually reaching a point 500 years in the future where… well, go see the movie…

Anyway I frequently have people tell me, “yeah the movie is amusing, but we’ll never fall that far.” to that, I give another GREAT example of our youth (link from CollegeHumor.com).

2 responses to “Another dummy

  1. First, why is this dude dressed as an extra from the Village People?
    Second, why does the guy sound like a “Speak -n- Spell?”
    Third, if I was this guys dad, I would have sodomized him with a baseball bat, while making him dance to Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’. YOU WANNA PARTY!? I’LL SHOW YOU A F%CKING PARTY DOUCHE BAG!

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