Have you ever walked beside or behind someone and they just up and change direction or stop cold right in front of you? And then you wonder to yourself “If we were in a car, there would have been an accident!”

Like some people walk into hallway intersections in a hurry and without looking to see if anyone is coming, just like at an intersection on the road.

Or how about those tailgaters? You know, as your walking down the hall somebody who is in just *too much* of a hurry walks right behind you, but since theres traffic he/she can’t go around and they end up in your “personal space” breathing down the back of your shirt. Sometimes even sighing in the hopes that you’ll hurry up.

On a related theme, how about the Sunday drivers? Those people who hog up the whole hallway and just leisurely _stroll_ down the hallway… meanwhile you’ve got dozens of people behind them trying to somehow sneak past.