Have you ever had just “one of those days”? Like the kind where you just wake up wrong? I’ve never believed that whole waking up on the wrong side of the bed thing, since I usually roll out of bed on the same side. And on those rare occasions where I roll out on the other side I don’t notice any correlation in my mood.

But today, I just woke up cranky. No reason that I can tell. I’m irritable, and the dumb things that people normally say to me seem *that much* stupider.

[Sigh] oh well.

UPDATE: I love it when on a friday I hear the phrase “They just discovered that a proposal is due next Wednesday. They need some graphics done for a review on Sunday. They don’t know how many there are, nor do they know when they will get them to us. But they need it by the end of the day.” I just know that we are going to get a ton of graphics at 525pm, right as I’m packing up to go. And they want it NOW, and don’t understand why they can’t get it.