OK, so I’m having this discussion with a friend of mine. She says a $600 pair of Jimmy Choo is really really worth it. If she had $600 handy she’d buy the Jimmy Choos in a heartbeat. Me? I just don’t get it. I mean… its only a pair of shoes. What can you do with a pair of shoes? As my girlfriend says “after wearing them for a few months your sweaty foot has rubbed off the logo and no one can tell what it is anyway.”

But an Xbox360, now THAT is a fine purchase. Number one its cheaper. Number two, and probably more important, its heavier. Because anything that is heavy is automatically better than something lighter. Unless you’re racing the two, but really who is gonna race an Xbox360 against a pair of shoes? Also, the Xbox360 can be used by several people at once in cooperative gameplay. Can Jimmy Choos do that? No. The most you can do is give the left shoe to one person, and the right shoe to another. Actually, that has some comedic value, so maybe the Jimmy Choos get a point there.

Then the Xbox plays not only video games, but movies and music. Try putting a DVD in the Jimmy Choos and see what happens. Thats right. Nothing. Xbox360 wins again.

One response to “Xbox360 vs Jimmy Choo

  1. As a woman of the 21st Century, I do not think it’s frowned upon anymore if I admitted that I needed to get laid as much as the next guy. Keeping that in mind, I want you to visualize an Xbox; what other items are associated with this image? Your mother’s basement, teenagers, pimples, pizza, over-weight-balding men going through midlife crisis, etc… How is any decent girl going to find the perfect companion for the night in that scenario?

    With the Jimmy Choo’s on the other hand…Girls, if it calls for you to whip out the heavy artillery, you know you’re not going to the local pub or the corner bar. You’re going to a place where the guys will all look like Calvin Klein underwear models. They might be dumb as a rock or a complete asshole by day, but you really only need him for a few hours anyways so what does it matter. In the Jimmy’s you’ll have the opportunity to make the decision of having the door knob or jerkoff.

    So what do you want girls? A night of wild sex with the future model of the year or with the pizza eating 35 year old who’s still living with his mother and her 5 cats?

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