If you have at all been wondering where my witty sense of humor or stunningly insightful soccer analysis has been over the last few weeks it is because our IT department is slow as molasses and my computer is STILL broken after two weeks.

This computer which has worked fine for the first few months of my having worked here suddenly and inexplicably started shutting down for no apparent reason. It would take several attempts in order to get it to start in the morning, like a fussy old car with a bad starter.

Well, two weeks, a new power supply, and an updated BIOS later I still sit here bored out of my mind, unable to actually work or even surf the ‘net since the computer keeps turning itself off.

Thanks to my cube-neighbor who graciously let me use his work laptop so I can at least surf the net while waiting (and waiting…) for my computer to be repaired.

2 responses to “Work computer still broke…

  1. The next time I let you use my laptop, please remember NOT to check for porn. Dude, it will be like opening Pandora’s Box. You will see some stuff so frightening it will leave you crying under your desk, while balled up in the fetal position, screaming, “I didn’t know a human could do that!!!!!”

  2. Thanks for the loan of the laptop, I think it will only take 6 or 7 years of therapy to clear all that out. Maybe some hypnosis is in order…

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