OK, apparently, this is a bit old since it seems to have happened in 2002, and the article I will link to later is dated from 2005. But DAMN! A co-worker forwarded this video on YouTube to me and I am just absolutely blown away.

The story is that this video was filmed in 2002 by some guy with a video camera. It ended up on a DVD “World’s Wildest Street Fights” and now (or then) Police are trying to find the culprits shown in the video (good luck with that). Supposedly, the victim in the video was a “snitch” who gets beaten by a mob in a parking lot. The video is marked as having adult content, so you will have to register (if you haven’t already) to watch the video on YouTube. The link to the video is here. And the link to the ABC news article is here.

First of all I’m astonished at the number of people. There must be 50+ people in the parking lot. Did she snitch on all of them? I assume it was some sort of gang related incident but many of the people just seem like they are milling about, probably drawn by the commotion. In typical mob fashion, they start rocking the car, and even standing and jumping on it.

Then most disturbing to me is the guy who she is with just opens the car door for them. WTF! I gotta tell you, you wouldn’t be in my car unless you were a friend of mine. And if you were a friend of mine, I damn sure wouldn’t throw you to the wolves like that. You know what they will do to her when they get their hands on her, and you just toss her out there? You car is already trashed if thats what you were worried about so throwing her out won’t save it. And furthermore, the mob continued anyway breaking the rear glass and side windows in trying to get to her. What about just getting back in your car and driving away? Would you have run over somebody? With any luck, yes. You could worry about getting sued by somebody if they got run over, but honestly, is there a court in the US that wouldn’t understand you fearing for your life and wanting to get out of there? They have already proven the threat by banging on the windows and doors, and jumping on the roof of your car. This option to me is better than trying to fight the 50 people outside your car (not that the guy tried that either).

Then of course she gets dragged out of the car while the cameraman just keeps rolling, at one point telling people to move out of the way because he’s trying to video tape it. Isn’t that just the height of stupidity? “Smile your on camera” as you pummel some lady in a parking lot. Do you think it even remotely crossed the minds of those punching, kicking, and beating this lady that their mug would end up on TV? How does that work? “Hey baby, look I’m on TV kicking this lady in the face”

Then onto the whole idea of what precipitated this fight. They claimed she was a snitch (in the article it claims she did not, but throughout the video there are frequent references to it) and thats why they decided to beat her. First of all, I haven’t heard that term since I was 5 years old. It was as stupid then as it is now. If you do something wrong, stupid, illegal or any combination of those, you DESERVE to get caught. Whether you’re caught by an eye witness, video camera, fingerprint, DNA test or whatever doesn’t even matter. If you don’t want to go to jail or pay a fine or get embarrased, DON’T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. The only person to blame is yourself.

Another prime example of stupid people…