My sleep was interupted last night by probably the worst thunderstorm I can recall. As you know, I normally sleep like a log. Literally, a log. To see what I mean, go get a log, put it in your bed and tuck it in. Ask the log “Are you awake?” No response, just like me. Poke the log, and maybe shake gently. No response, just like me. Yell at the log “WAKE UP!” No response, just like me. Set the log on fire. Now, here is where we are different, as I will wake up screaming while the log will just, you know, sit there… sleeping. Until there is no more log. I think my response is a bit better in this regard.

So anyway, I fell asleep during the end of the first round of storms around 1130pm. I was, however, rudely awakened around 1am by the sound of thunder in my ear and the bright lights eeriely reminiscent of police blue lights. It was almost like one of those horror or sci-fi movies where the whole room is lit by the lightening. I half expected Tom Cruise to come round the corner telling me the aliens are attacking like in War of the Worlds (remember it started with lightening?). I actually could not ignore it and fall back asleep for about an hour. Needless to say I am sleepy today.

Traffic was rather light today, I suppose people are taking off to take advantage of the long weekend. It saved me today as I was about 20min late leaving the house but still made it into work on time.

Then I go to the Crackhouse, er, I mean, Starbucks to get a “pick me up”. Of course, as only seems to happen to me, I get the cup with a defective lid on it. So of course, about a quarter of the way into the delicious morning java that I’ve been enjoying I notice a drip down the cup coming from the edge of the lid. In slow motion I look down at my shirt and sure enough there is a dark stain where the drip has been falling. Fortunately, I’m wearing a dark shirt so the result isn’t as apparent.

But, on the positive side, today is better than yesterday. The USA didn’t lose today…