Argentinian Carlos Tevez has apparently found a home. But not at a super-club like Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal. Nope. He’s going to upstart West Ham United.

Tevez has been unhappy while playing for Corinthians in Brasil (an Argie playing in Brasil!?!?! Unthinkable!) and wants out. West Ham could potentially be a good fit, as they play an attacking and attractive style of soccer. While he looks at times like he’s a bit on the chunky side, Tevez is really fit and should have no problem coping with the increased speed of play in the EPL. He is also very physical which should help him out immensely.

Tevez and Javier Mascherano (reportedly also going to West Ham) had a great World Cup boosting their value, but Corinthians was reluctant to deal since they paid TOP dollar for him ($30mil? I don’t remember) less than two years ago and wanted a significant return on investment.
The deal is apparently a one-year loan. I expect him to have a big year, and it will remain to be seen if West Ham will try and lock him up midway through the season so they don’t risk one of the bigger clubs swooping in after the season is over.
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