Now as we all know… Asians can’t drive. Oh, I’m sure there are *some* out there who can drive, but their stereotype is one that has been well-earned.

Thanks to Anita who sent me this article titled “Guilty of DWC — driving while canine” from MSNBC.

Apparently a woman in Hohhot, China was out driving with her dog. In between running over mailboxes, side-swiping parked cars, straddling the lanes, driving with her turn signal on, talking on her cell phone, digging in her purse, putting on lipstick, and beating her kids in the backseat she somehow managed to train her dog to drive.

Well, at least turn the steering wheel anyway while she handled the pedals.

So now even with help, I mean she only has to take care of the pedals since the dog has the steering part covered. SHE STILL CRASHED.