On a more “interesting” note. Ukraine’s coach Oleg Blokhin says his players can’t, umm, celebrate… with their wives unless they reach the semis of the World Cup. I don’t know if that’s incentive, but Fox Sports World quotes him as saying “I would personally send my players to see their wives if we reach the semis…. Those who don’t feel like it, I’ll just drag to their wives,” Blokhin added. “Take my word for it.” I guess the sterotypical “Hot Russian” women must not apply to soccer player’s wives and girlfriends.

In more soccer-related stuff, the Washington Post reports that Ronaldo wants to come to play in MLS… after a few more years in Europe. He reportedly turned down a 10 year-$120million contract to play for Red Bull New York. Am I the only one who finds this amusing? I can only assume that some of these players think they can come over here instead of retiring, “take it easy”, and collect a fat paycheck (see Matheus, Lothar as a prime example). Ronaldo at 29 years old wouldn’t be a bad option for MLS as far as marketing goes. But if he came here to take it easy, he’d quickly find out that alot of these players will run right by him, and many would run him over in the process. But at 12million a year? is he worth it? I doubt it. He has barely played for Real Madrid this year due to injury, and in my mind is well past the “superstar” status he had in the late 90’s before knee injuries took their toll.

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