Thanksgiving weekend. Aaaahhhhhh…..

With an extra two days off, the break from work was nice. It has been real slow lately, but the last couple of weeks has seen a huge (comparatively) increase in the amount of work, and frankly… I ain’t used to it :)

But it isn’t really any kind of vacation. There is always much to do and such a short amount of time is barely enough time to unwind, much less actually rest and “vacate”. But, I gave it a go anyway.

Now my attempts at relaxing we in the midst of:

  • Cleaning. to include vacuuming, laundry, dusting, and clearing trash (see below)
  • Organizing. My place was a mess with boxes and stacks of paper everywhere. The paper is the ton of new-hire paperwork I received in triplicate, some of which I need to fill out, some is just landfill, and some I dunno what to do with. Plus a bunch of statements, receipts and stuff that I haven’t filed in about a month. Then there were boxes around from some Christmas gifts I ordered online, and the ton of software that I had to re-install onto my laptop (hard drive died) that has since been lying on the floor till i got to it. I also cleaned out my personal email, whittling the inbox to 25 emails down from over 500 before. Many were things I could delete, some were jokes, some I just needed to file away into subfolders.
  • Freelance work. This wasn’t too much and was done in bits and pieces here and there.

So one of my attempts at relaxing was to watch some old Battlestar Galactica episodes. The Season 2.0 and 2.5 DVDs are great. The quality is waaaay better than my attempts to record with my “gheto-tivo”, plus you get all the deleted scenes and whatnot. But the real perk is to see the difference in the characters from earl on until now. As a prime example, look at Tigh. When Adama was down for awhile early in season 2, you really saw how much Adama meant to Tigh and one episode showed a bunch of flashbacks to how they met and even Adama saving Tigh from certain suicide attempt. Fast forward to the present and Tigh who has now been tortured, lost an eye and even had to kill his own wife for treason has split away from Adama.

Other characters have changed in more subtle ways. Apollo is a bit less idealistic, Roslin is no longer a hallucinating idealist, Starbuck went from cocky pilot to injured has-been, to disgruntled and troubled, and now is trying to turn back into cocky pilot. Adama has become a little less hardcore, more fatherly (if that is possible). Baltar has become even more looney, and instead of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time now has started to take a little bit of control and actively planning his future. (As a sidenote, I am thoroughly convinced that Baltar will someday see himself back with the fleet).

So I’m looking forward to the episode this week that seems to be geared as a character building episode rather than some sort of action or goal driven episode. Hopefully the podcast won’t be late like last week :)