Per the forums over at Bigsoccer, apparently Brian Carroll is no longer on trial with Alemannia Aachen and is now on trial with Olympique Marseille!

Hopefully this isn’t a vacation tour, but is instead real tryouts. I don’t watch enough of French soccer and they arent (I think) in UEFA competitions this year so I can’t speak as to whether or not he’d be a good fit with Marseille. I did happen to watch Aachen last weekend (they were coincidentily on FSW), and I think Brian would be a good fit there. Looks like they play a regular flat 442. I didn’t see any real superstars, but rather a whole team of hard-working guys. Yep, Brian would fit right in there :)

Here are links to the French articles if anyone is interested.

Un américain à l’essai à l’OM ! []
Un Américain à l’OM ! []