OK, well hopefully anyway. Because, really i have no problem being a “Manager” and taking 90% of the earnings off the top.

Well, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself :)

If you remember just a few days ago in the “Dancing Brother” post I mentioned my brother sending in his audition for the movie “Step Up”.

Well it seems like he made it to the Top 20, since he got some notification from somebody official sounding. Those in the Top 20 get their audition videos played during the credits of the “Step Up: movie which comes out in August. Assuming it wasn’t a fake, his video should be one of the Top 20 that MySpace users can vote on this Friday. If he makes the Top 5, then he goes to LA to shoot the music video for the movie. Excellent.
So everybody goto the Step Up Movie @ MySpace this Friday and vote for him.