I have always said “People are stupid”. Its one of those things that “Harvey says”. If you know me, you’ve heard me say it. People always chuckle and say “Harvey, you’re so silly. People aren’t stupid….. Are they? Wait, where am I?”.

Well, yes they are. And keep in mind I include myself in this list of stupidity. You can’t honestly tell me that every so often you do something like, say, lock your keys in the car, and immediately go “CRAP! That was stupid of me.” Now there are varying levels of stupidity, but we all have them. And some of us have more “moments” of stupidity than others.

In fact, while some people are reasonably intelligent marred by moments of stupidity, i think most people are reasonably stupid marred by moments of intelligence.

Hence, I have two examples for you.

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God. This poor sod lowers himself into a lion’s den/cage/whatevertheykeeplionsinthesedays and yells (so as not to attract attention) “God will save me, if he exists” and proceeds to walk over to the Lions. Some of you will ask (stupidly) what the heck was he thinking?!?! And of course, I have to respond “He wasn’t thinking. He was stupid.” You see that little voice in his head that kept saying “Don’t jump in the lions pit you idiot!” wasn’t the voice of stupidity, no that was the voice of Reason and Rationality. As you can see, that voice didn’t carry alot of weight.

So the dummy goes into the pit, I suppose the theory he was trying to prove is that God does or doesn’t exist based on whether or not God saved him. I must say, that at this point I’m reminded of two things. The first [religious content here, I’ll keep it short] is that God and Jesus specifically say (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Don’t test me. I will make the miracles if and when I see fit, not because you ask me to prove something to you.” Jesus also says (again I’m paraphrasing here) “Blessed are those who have not seen, but still believe.” I think the point here is that God is trying to point out who is in charge. He isn’t going to jump every time someone wants proof, which would be all the time. Makes sense to me [/ending religious content].

The second is that joke (I’m probably butchering it) where a guy falls into the river and says to himself “Not to worry, God will save me.” So as he’s floating downriver struggling to stay afloat he passes under a bridge. A guy on the bridge sees him and lowers a rope. The guy says “nope, don’t need it. God will save me.” He continues downriver and a fisherman spots him and tries to haul him aboard. The guy refuses his help and says “nope don’t need it, God will save me.” Well, finally the guy drowns and gets to the pearly gates where he meets God and he’s furious. “God, I waited and waited for you to save me and you never came. What gives!?” So God looks at him and says “You dummy, I tried to save you. I sent you the guy at the bridge and the guy on the boat and you turned them away!”

So my point is that not only was this guy a dummy and “not following the rules” by testing God, but then he probably ignored all those people (presumably sent by God) who were telling him to NOT JUMP IN THE LION PIT.

OK, now the other example i have is actually really funny. “I made my bed, I’ll lie in it” looks like somebody’s blog entry. They are going over the recent(?) Miss World 2006 competition held in Russia. Read through his comments and images to get the story, but you HAVE to watch the video towards the bottom. Alan Thicke (yes, him) is the host and he announces Russia as the winner. Amazingly, the stupid lady who either wasn’t listening, wasn’t watching (Alan pointed to Russia) or both PUT THE CROWN ON Costa Rica instead. Then the genious pageant contestants who also were not watching or listening all go to congratulate Costa Rica. Thats when the mayhem ensues…

Say it with me folks… “People are Stupid”