OK, it all started when I came across “Dell detonation III: the revenge” at Sci-Fi Tech. It was about yet another Dell laptop bursting into flames. Now, I vaguely recall the original laptop exploding story, whereby a laptop exploded at a conference in Japan. Little did I know that there was also a second incident (before this third one obviously).

So in my wanderings along the internetsuperinfohighway I discovered first…

  • Dell laptop explosion #1 – No biggie, a Dell laptop just decided to catch on fire and explode several times over the course of a few minutes.
  • Dell laptop Xplosion #2 – “Dell detonation II: maximum laptop carnage” says the header. This picture is really cool as you see all the damage PLUS the fire extinguisher dust on it, making it a really cool greenish color. The original story (before being picked up by places like Engadget) was actually posted on Tom’s Hardware Forums complete with a huge set of pictures. Unfortunately, they were originally hosted on Photobucket and the bandwidth was exceeded. So check back on the thread to see if the images get hosted somewhere else soon. (possibly, same photos?)
  • Dell laptop became a flamethrower – What a CLASSIC title. From the Sydney Morning Herald, a laptop user in Singapore had a similar experience when his laptop caught on fire. He ended up putting it in his sink to put it out. Pictures are here.

Don’t own a Dell? Think you are safe? I can hear the “That’s why I bought a Mac” cries going up now. Well, check these out…

  • iBook in Flames, Film at 11 – Links on Gizmodo to the story which includes video from a local news station sensationalizing the incident. Apparently, the kid was using the laptop on the carpet and walked away from it when it just lit up. A few photos are included.
  • iPod Shuffle wins battle with knife-wielding owner – Engadget links to a blog by Francis “How not to fix an iPod shuffle” in which he describes his friend’s ill-fated attempt to fix his own iPod shuffle. You all know how I feel about all things Apple, and this just takes the cake. The poor guy was just trying to fix his iPod with a kitchen knife, I mean, if you can’t trust the info you find on a website on how to open your supposedly un-openable iPod, well, just who can you trust? Some of the comment’s on Francis’s blog are really funny.
  • The above link led to me another site which actually has a whole page devoted to iPods falling in toilets!!!! In case yours ever falls into a toilet, you can rest assured that there IS a plan to help you rescue it.
  • General laptops catching on fire… Another news agency with video linked in the page.

2 responses to “Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

  1. Dude, it’s basically “THE DAY OF RECKONING!” The machines are going LOCO AND EXPLODING ON US!!!
    Actually, it would be cool if this piece of shit I’m typing on now would explode so it would give me an excuse to leave work early. Even better, have the monitor explode as well and have a couple of shards hit me in the face. OH DEAR LORD I’VE BEEN SPRAYED WITH SCALDING HOT GLASS!!! I’m suing PwC!!! Cha-ching!!! “I’m RICH BITCH!!!”

    As usual Harvey, I’ll share in my fortune. Just meet me at the liquor store.

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