This is my nose right now

More specifically, I hate the sniffles.

I actually almost prefer the aching, wheezing, fever, chills, hot flashes, and nausea of a full-blown flu or really bad cold than just have the sniffles for a few days. It makes me really cranky and fidgety.

Well, it started yesterday after kinda being in the background for a few days while i think my body was trying to fight it off. I took a couple of sudafed and all seemed OK. Until this morning. As soon as I got out of bed my nose started running. Not just any “run-of-the-mill” type of runny nose. No. This was like a Forest-Gump-running type of runny nose. I took a couple more sudafed (the ones w/o pseudoephedrine) and we’ll see how long until I have to reload. As it is, they barely stemmed the tide. Now that I’m at work, i can get my stash of sudafed WITH pseudoephedrine… Thats the good stuff. Although apparently, it will make you crazy.

Left to my own devices, I think I would be at home right now with a towel shoved up my nose to absorb some of this stuff dripping out of my nose. If somebody can figure out a way to maybe collect this stuff and sell on ebay I think we could be onto a fortune just due to the volume. Let me know if you have a good plan.

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  1. Sounds like you had a combination of herpes and syphilis. Dude, you may want to get that checked out.

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