10 Ways to Spot a Liar is a fairly basic list of things people do when they are lying… like avoiding eye-contact and changing the subject. I think, however, that anyone who is a conistent liar won’t display these types of clues. I’ve always found when somebody makes an extreme effort to make eye-contact when telling me something is usually lying (or at least I think so anyway).

I think if you know the person, you can tell when they’re lying because they act differently. Reading strangers is harder since you don’t know what their “normal” mannerisms are. For example, a person who is shy might not make eye contact but be completely telling you the truth.

[Entering Way Back Machine]…I won’t pretend like I was an entirely innocent child growing up, but I think I was pretty good, especially considering the neighborhood I grew up in. Anyway, my mom used to say I was lying about one thing or another (who ate the last cookie, did you brush your teeth yet, did you come straight home after school, etc.), and I can say that about 99% of the time, she had it completely backwards on whether or not I was lying about something. She never (that I know of) caught me in a lie, and I would tell her the truth and she would still say I was lying.

I had to go to the extent of trying different ways of telling her the truth in order for her to believe me. I tried looking her in the eyes, I tried being non-chalant, I tried being emphatic. Finally, I just gave up. Now I just tell her and walk away as i no longer have the energy to try and “convince” someone I’m telling the truth. To this day, she still says “I know you so well, I know when your telling me truth or not”. Ummm… Yep.

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